Ho’oku’ikahi = Join Together As One

Sand Point Paddling Club (SPPC), located in Seattle's Magnuson Park, offers year-round canoeing and paddling activities. It's a place to experience outrigger canoeing, stand up paddling (SUP), dragon boating, and more. We host outrigger practices, paddling workshops, and recreational racing events.

We are a team of recreational and competitive paddling enthusiasts who want to promote and perpetuate paddle sports in the Pacific Northwest. We strive to provide opportunities to improve fitness, health, and teamwork through paddling.

SPPC holds practices for outrigger canoeing and SUP; organizes team building paddling events for corporate and school communities; and hosts races for both competitive and recreational paddlers.

We're located right on the shores of Lake Washington, a 19.5-mile long lake, with unobstructed views of Mt Rainier and the Cascade Mountain Range. We paddle in all sorts of weather and conditions — from glassy and calm water, to fun and surf-able downwind waves.

Map to Where We Are