We Love to Paddle and Our Enthusiasm Shows

As a paddling center, Sand Point Paddling Club offers everyone a great way to be on the water and cross train for all activities. Some of our members started as dragon boaters then tried outrigger. Some started the other way around. Some members do all three. Whether paddling for recreation or training for a race, SPPC offers programs for a variety of fitness levels and aspirations.

Outrigger Canoeing

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Experience the 'ohana of outrigger canoeing. The official state sport of Hawai'i, outrigger canoeing provides a full-body, low impact workout. Though Seattle is far from Hawai'i, the abundance of water in the Pacific Northwest makes outrigger canoeing a popular sport here too. We paddle year-round, rain or shine.


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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Our members race and cross train on these boards on Lake Washington and Puget Sound. It's cathartic to paddle across a glassy lake, strengthen your legs in choppy waters, or downwind surf on a windy day.

Dragon Boating

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Dragon boating originates in China and started over 2000 years ago. Dragon boats consist of 20 paddlers, one caller, and a steers person. It's a great way to perfect skills in synchronization and build team work. Dragon boat events allow us to spend our day bonding with teammates and racing in intense 500m sprints.