Paddling Clinics & Races for Everyone

School Programs

We create programs that complement school PE classes as well as host special events.
We've had great success working with Waldorf High School to host its Last Day of School Celebration Dragon Boat and Outrigger Races. About 70 students participate in pre-race training PE classes to learn how to paddle and boat safety. On Race Day we hold a series of fun, sprint races and then celebrate with awards.
If you're interested in PE, after school programs, or special events, please let us know how we can help you!
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Community Programs

SPPC hosts paddling clinics, workshops, and races for community groups and recreational paddlers.
We also work with other teams and clubs that want to supplement their training. Extra time on the water spent cross-training in a six-man canoe or dragon boat allows crews to work on technique and synchronization.

Sunset Paddle or a Midday Tour?

Whatever your interests, we can set up training programs or private events for your friends or family.
We can provide an after paddle BBQ, an on-the-boat picnic, or picnic in a park across the lake. The possibilities are endless. We'll work with you to create a wonderful experience.
We can also link into your own fundraising or community event.
SPPC will provide all the equipment and personnel you need so that you can participate in fun and safe paddling activities.