Team Fitness & Fun

We offer something completely unique from other team building events. It's a chance to experience dragon boating or outrigger canoeing - both of which preserve many of the ancient traditions that make these sports so distinctive.

If you are a company that wants to incorporate water sports into their toolbox of team building activities, Sand Point Paddling Club can tailor an experience to meet your needs.
Outrigger canoeing and dragon boat paddling promote teamwork, and strengthen trust and bonds within teams.
Both are fantastic ways to improve health and fitness in a low impact way. And they are super fun!
Whether your company is interested in hosting a team building event, or supporting a wellness program, our team of seasoned event organizers will work with you to create a memorable and fun experience, customized to suit your needs.
SPPC members have deep roots in Seattle's dragon boat and outrigger community. Many helped establish the club organizations, racing programs, and festivals that flourish to this day.