You Can Race All Year (if you'd like)

SPPC organizes and participates in races throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest all year long. Our outrigger racing takes us to the salt waters of the amazing Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, to the fresh waters of the grand Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.
Whether racing SUP, dragon boats, or outrigger canoes, our Club members love to race and are engaged in the broader racing community. Our competitive spirit takes us not only to local races, but beyond to races in California, New York, and Hawai'i.

Racing is in Our Blood!

SPPC prides itself in having a club where a lot of members own their own one-man (OC-1) or two-man (OC-2) canoes. Many of our Club members participate in the small boat races held throughout the Winter. In the Spring, we get out of our OC-1s and hop into the Club OC-6 canoes to start training as a team.
You'll find us at Sprint races in early Spring and at most of the long-distance races that occur throughout the Summer. SPPC creates teams to compete in all categories and levels be it an all-women's (or men's) crew, a novice crew, or senior masters team. It doesn't matter if you are new to outrigger or have paddled for years, we welcome you to our team.


As a member of the regional Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Association (PNWORCA), we host two races, a small boat race in early Spring and a long-distance changeout race in late Summer. Both races are held on Lake Washington.

One-Man Series Championship Race

SPPC hosts this race for outrigger, SUP, surfski, and other small boat racers in early Spring.
This is the final race in a seven-part series. Racers collect points throughout the season to win prizes.
The race culminates with a feast and awards ceremony to recognize everyone for their efforts throughout the winter.

Pacific Northwest Long Distance Challenge Race

Paddlers can choose from one of three different long distance challenges.
Races include: a 26-mile changeout race from Magnuson Park in Seattle, around Mercer Island and back; a 20-mile beach changeout race; and an 18-mile iron-man course.
Some paddlers use this race to prep for upcoming races in Hawai'i. Others use this as the culmination of their racing season.